Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modestly Standing Out

Last night I ran into a Walgreens to buy a bag of ice. I noticed the cashier kept looking at me closely, I figured maybe I looked familiar to her. She finally asked if I go to the church down the road and I told her "no, I don't live here." So I asked what church it was and she said it was Pentecostal. Later in the conversation, I told her I wasn't Pentecostal and when she mentioned not cutting my hair, I told her I do. She seemed shocked. She had no idea that people, other than people who attend a Pentecostal church, dressed modestly in skirts. I told her that I did it because it made me feel more feminine and when you wear a skirt, you tend to act more feminine.
That's probably the most conservative thing she's ever seen, and I got the impression that she wasn't raised in church. Little moments like that are great ways to be able to share the light of Christ. It feels good to have times such as that every once and a while when you think, "maybe I am making a small difference in the world by the way I dress."  People will not know the true facts about Christians, unless exposed to it. Some people think that modestly dressed Christians are hypocritical people who have nothing better to do that do laundry and bake bread. We may be the only love of Christ that they ever see, all the more reason to make sure we are striving to be like the Proverbs 31 Woman. : )


Friday, January 27, 2012

Prayer Please

Hey guys, I have a prayer request. My sister found out a few days ago that her dance teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and the other girls are worried and just praying for her healing. The doctors say it is curable, but there is still that worry. I would really appreciate it if you would include her in your prayers, her name is Wendi.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Living

Lately, I've become more and more frustrated with our technology filled society. : ( . I watch movies such as Little Women and the Christy series and long for a time where technology is not the focus of our world. We fill our days with sitting around the television, playing video games, and texting on our cell phones.

A couple of years ago, we experienced an ice storm. We have had two now, but the first one in particular lasted a long time. We were out of electricity for 7 days. At first we didn't know what to do with ourselves. But we really began to enjoy the quiet time together. We talked and played board games huddled around the warm fire-good quality family time. Sometimes my sister and I pray for another so we can run away from the television and everything that distracts us from our responsibilities.
Sometimes I ask myself why I am so dumb to let the world's gadgets suck me in. Then I look around and remind myself how difficult this is in such a world as this. I know, not an excuse, but I'm just saying it doesn't help. I mean look, we have computers that we can fit in our purse, video games that can see our every move, cars that park themselves for us, what more do we need.  Before long, we'll become a completely robotic society.

I think, no I KNOW that all of this stuff is taking the place of time we could be spending in prayer or reading our bible. Trust me, I'm preaching to myself. Some people say I'm old fashioned to think the way I think, or dress the way I dress, or act the way I do,  but I don't care. It's our job as Christians to stand out for Him. That makes me proud to know that I'm trying to stand out the best I know how.  Afterall, I am the Vintage Maiden. haha. Some days I just want to to completely cut all ties to electricity.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Civil War Ball

I don't know that I have any special or new information to share for the day. However, I am very excited about the Homeschool Civil War Ball that is coming up on Saturday. A few years ago, my family began attending an event called Dickens on the Boulevard. The town where it is located completely closes Main St. and the night is full of old timey costumes and dances in the street. I look forward to it every year. There's nothing like spending some quality time with friends and family with a night of good old fashion fun. This year, a local homeschool family has started this Civil War Ball. I am looking forward to it. Everyone attending, including parent, must be in period costume. I will post pictures hopefully at the end of this weekend. : )   I know it's late notice, but they still have a few tickets available if you are interested.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Shoot

I asked my sister to photograph me today with my banjo. It's pretty difficult to be the photographer and need yourself to be photographed. Having a sister is handy. : ) 
Several months ago, I had the pleasure of finding a gently used banjo for sale. I have always enjoyed bluegrass music and became extremely excited when I thought about starting to play myself. Starting this next week, I will be going to a banjo class. Maybe I can learn more than the very few songs I can play now.
I think that bluegrass gospel music is a great way to minister to others about God's grace.
This year I plan on trying to attend the Appalachia Fall Homecoming in Clinton, TN.
Who knows, maybe someday I can have a family bluegrass band; just something to put in God's hands.

Focused on Him

Sunday, January 15, 2012


We had a wonderful Saturday. Yesterday, my sister and I had the privilege to spend a while at some friends' house. They own horses and let us come out and ride. Unfortunately, we live in town, so we are unable to have horses, which makes me very sad. My sister had never riden before, so this was an exciting day for her. Below are some pictures of our adventure. We are very thankful for our friends
                                My sister:


Afterwards, we headed to a Gospel Bluegrass concert by the Atnip family. They are a wonderful homeschool family after God's own heart. We were glad that several of our friends were able to attend the concert with us. I love Gospel Bluegrass music, and I could listen to it 24/7. Here is their website, I would strongly encourage you to purchase a cd.  http://www.atnipfamily.com/ .
I always look forward to the special times we get to spend with our beloved friends.

I would love to hear from you about your favorite ways to spend time with your friends and family.

Focused on Him

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Need It, and I Need It Now!

Lately, my heart has been drawn to a certain thought process in our society. We, as a people, have become so demanding when it comes to getting what we want. This need-it-now society that we live in is costing us our precious time, money, and changing the way we live our lives. This is profoundly changing the way our government is working, and I don't mean positively.
We wonder why we're having to be bailed out of this 'mess-o-money' that we've caused. We have to have the widest streets with the most lanes possible, the biggest casinos, the biggest and best holiday decorations for the White House, the biggest homes; the list goes on and on.  I would continue on, but I'm guessing you don't have time to sit and read this one post for an entire day. ha ha. : ) We, as a nation need to recognize that we need to pause, rewind, and slow down. It seems as if every day on the news, there is a segment discussing starting such and such project that will cost ____million ( or even billion) dollars, which will take such and such years to pay off.
We want to have huge mortgages so that we can have the latest and greatest house. Do I want a run down dump of a house, well of course not. Just because you don't have a huge home that has all the amenities does not make it a bad house. There's nothing wrong with being happy with what we have here and now, and saving up for what we want in the future.
I had the privilege of going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University with my parents at church. It was an awesome program that opened my eyes to the realization that just because I want a nice home of my own someday, does not mean I have to go into debt. After taking that class, I made a commitment to never go into debt (and yes, this means I commit to never having a mortgage or credit cards). I want to work for what I want in life. This may take a lot of waiting and frustration, but I know it will be worth it in the long run. I know what it feels like to have to save up. I would really like to have a bigger car than my current one. Would it be easy to go out to the local dealership and buy one on credit, sure, but I am being patient and putting cash back. And trust me, I 've had a number of people tell me that it's impossible to live life with no kind of debt. However, I find that to be a false statement. The world tells us that all we have to do is throw it on a credit card or  make those 'small' payments you see about on tv, as long as you get what you want.

So, my point of this post is to encourage those of you out there who have committed to staying or becoming debt free. Also, I have a challenge for you. Below are some activities listed that we might normally do, and next to them are things I would like you to do instead. Feel free to add some ideas to the list. I'd love to hear them.

1.) ordering something on-line that you           1.) patience; choose the cheapest and slowest shipping method
would like to have the next day

2.) are in a hurry to get somewhere                2.) walk to your destination, and enjoy looking at God's
so you hop in your car to get there in a jiffy         creation on your way

3.) find an expensive item that you really        3.) Stop!! Go home, find that extra change you've been just
"need" so you throw it on your credit card         throwing in a jar and start saving. It will be rewarding

4.) take the highway to cut down drive time   4.) Take the scenic side roads, unless you're under a time
 for a vacation                                                   crunch. Slow down the pace and see things you might not
                                                                         have normally seen by taking the fast pace.

Focused on Him

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My eyes lit up when I saw a box on my front porch the other day. My order from Vision Forum was in, and I knew what was inside that large brown box. Indoctrination.  I just recently heard about this documentary/film, and I've heard nothing but excellent reviews from friends. This film takes you through a very controversial issue in today's society: EDUCATION. Colin Gunn, a homeschool dad, travels with his family in a large yellow school bus to uncover the truths about public education in America. This film is such an encouragement to millions of Christians that public education should not be the answer.

Here's a little background on why I believe homeschooling is the only answer for Christians. I attended public school for 11 out of my 12 school years. My parents pulled my sister out to homeschool starting her 5th grade year (My Junior Year). I wanted to be homeschooled, but my parents didn't think it would be best because I would miss being in band. Finally, my senior year, my parents gave me a choice. They had prayed about it and after talking to some friends who were already homeschooling, they decided to let me choose. So, there you have it, I graduated with 3 friends from a homeschool co-op. And we all lived happily ever after, I came through public school without a scratch.................. or so I wish the story went.

Those 11 years in public school were not easy. I was sucked in to all of the drama, it happens so easily. My Spanish teacher in junior high wore mini skirts and hung inappropriate band posters all around her room. My English teacher in junior high would hang poems, that students had written, all over the wall even though they had bad language. In high school, my English teacher sent home a book that we were supposed to be reading. I refused to read it for all of the HORRENDOUS language. When my mother went to speak to her, she(the teacher) told her that you have to read bad language to read good literature!!!In my science class, the substitute teacher was sharing dip with some male students.
These are just a few ways I was being indoctrinated by the public school system.
 1 Corinthians 15:33 says "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners." The public school systems will teach whatever they want to, because they can.
Please parents, do not send your child into a place that it is against the rule to even utter God's name. Take it from someone who's been there. I DID NOT come away from those 11 years without scars. Dr. Charles Stanley says in the film that "When you send your kids to school today, you're sending them into a pagan society."  It's so very true.  Luce Mucleod states that "[parents] think their children will somehow escape, they won't."  The film states that 88% christian children deny their faith by graduation day. 
This should scare Christian families sending their children into the public school system. God sent these children to the parents, not to the school system, to raise.  They say we can't mention Jesus Christ's name, for fear we might offend someone. I'm not sure about anyone else, but the inappropriate language and actions offends me. Unfortunately that doesn't matter.
I recommend this film to everyone.  http://indoctrinationmovie.com/   Maybe this film will help you to see the other side of the public schools.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Beginning

When I think about beginning a new year, many different thoughts go through my mind. First I begin feeling sad that 2011(or whatever year has just passed) seems so far away. The memories that were made might, however much we may dislike, begin to fade. They become our past instead of our present. However, then I begin thanking God for the wonderful moments we had in that far away year and begin to pray about the new things we will be allowed to enjoy in the coming year. There are always new and exciting things out there for us to learn and experience by God's grace!
This year, we were happy to welcome 2012 the way we do every year, at our annual New Year's Party. About 4 years ago (or there about), we had a large gathering of our Christian homeschool friends at our house on New Year's Eve. We played games and laughed our way into the new year. Ever since, it's become a wonderful tradition. It seems that every year, we have new friends that join us in the crazy time of playing games and laughter. We are so grateful that God has shown us these wonderful people. I couldn't ask for any better friends.

Happy New Year!!

P.S. Visit my sister on her new blog, The Faith Corner (thefaithcorner.blogspot.com). Reading has always been on the top of her list for things to do in her spare time. Just about anywhere she goes, her books go along. Her blog is about Christian Young Adult and Children's books that she's read. She welcomes comments and discussions about these books. I know she'd love to hear from you