Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Shoot

I asked my sister to photograph me today with my banjo. It's pretty difficult to be the photographer and need yourself to be photographed. Having a sister is handy. : ) 
Several months ago, I had the pleasure of finding a gently used banjo for sale. I have always enjoyed bluegrass music and became extremely excited when I thought about starting to play myself. Starting this next week, I will be going to a banjo class. Maybe I can learn more than the very few songs I can play now.
I think that bluegrass gospel music is a great way to minister to others about God's grace.
This year I plan on trying to attend the Appalachia Fall Homecoming in Clinton, TN.
Who knows, maybe someday I can have a family bluegrass band; just something to put in God's hands.

Focused on Him

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