Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heirloom Seeds


I have been so convicted lately that we should be growing everything we eat. Think of how much healthier we, as a nation, would be. Several years ago, we discovered Baker Creek Seeds in Mansfield, MO. They are absolutely amazing, and so extremely helpful with any of your questions you may have. All of their seeds are heirloom seeds. They have thousands of any vegetable/fruit you can image. Not only are their seeds wonderful, but you should check out their catalog (you can request a free one on their website). The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! We also live by their book: Heirloom Life Gardener http://www.rareseeds.com/heirloom-life-gardener/. It has help on planting any of their seeds they carry. Everything we buy in a normal grocery store is pumped full of preservatives and everything else under the sun. That is not good for our bodies. All of those things are not natural, and our bodies were not designed to know what to do with it all. The result is obesity and many health issues!

I highly encourage you order a catalog from Baker Creek Seeds. If you are in that neck of the woods, I also highly recommend you stopping by their village.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Woweeee-How Time Flies

Are my eyes going crazy, or does the calendar really say May 27th?? I can hardly believe it! So many exciting things are going on around here. First of all, I just want to express my sincere sympothy to those who lost loved ones in the tornadoes in Moore, OK. To sit  back and watch the destructive tornadoes sweep across my state, I just didn't know how to feel-just utter sadness for those families!! I think it's wonderful how so many have stepped in to give of their time and money to help them begin to start over.

Back on the sunny side, my sister had her homeschool band concert and played beautifully. She plays keyboard, flute, and guitar. Here in a couple of weeks, she will have her dance recital. We're ready for things to calm down a bit for the summer. :-)
Also, some exciting news. Momma and Daddy have purchased property for us to build a new home on!! Aww... country life-I can't wait :-D I've always been a country girl at heart, now I'll actually be one!

For Mother's Day, I had a fun project I made for Momma. We have this fettish with all things wooden: wooden spoons, wooden bowls, wooden boxes, wooden, wooden, wooden!! So I carved her a spoon, and yes it's a useable spoon for the kitchen. It's actually made from Crepe Myrtle and sealed with coconut oil. I absolutely loved making it, and have considered making more and selling them. Any thoughts??

Our garden is coming up pretty well, also. We've already had a couple of bowls of salad with our fresh lettuce and spinach! How is everyone else's doing?