Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modestly Standing Out

Last night I ran into a Walgreens to buy a bag of ice. I noticed the cashier kept looking at me closely, I figured maybe I looked familiar to her. She finally asked if I go to the church down the road and I told her "no, I don't live here." So I asked what church it was and she said it was Pentecostal. Later in the conversation, I told her I wasn't Pentecostal and when she mentioned not cutting my hair, I told her I do. She seemed shocked. She had no idea that people, other than people who attend a Pentecostal church, dressed modestly in skirts. I told her that I did it because it made me feel more feminine and when you wear a skirt, you tend to act more feminine.
That's probably the most conservative thing she's ever seen, and I got the impression that she wasn't raised in church. Little moments like that are great ways to be able to share the light of Christ. It feels good to have times such as that every once and a while when you think, "maybe I am making a small difference in the world by the way I dress."  People will not know the true facts about Christians, unless exposed to it. Some people think that modestly dressed Christians are hypocritical people who have nothing better to do that do laundry and bake bread. We may be the only love of Christ that they ever see, all the more reason to make sure we are striving to be like the Proverbs 31 Woman. : )



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