Friday, February 3, 2012

Noticing the Little Things

Sometimes, I think that photographers, like myself, have a small advantage in this world. We all get wrapped up in our crazy busy lives, that we forget to notice the small things that God has given us. Do we remember to thank him for little gifts like the sun, water, seasons, dirt, etc.? I think that we all get so tired and bored seeing the same things over and over again. For instance, the sun; we never think that it won't come up the next morning, we just always know it will. We might say, well what's so special about dirt? As photographers, we seem to have this creative film over our eyes, seeing things differently than some. We tend to want to put a different angle on something, making it more interesting than it seems to the naked eye. I like to think that's how God sees (with a creative film over his eyes). When we see ourselves as just another ordinary person, he sees us as a spectacular example of his Creation. I try to take advantage of this God-given talent to remember that God gave us every little thing for a purpose, as well as the big things.

Focused on Him,


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