Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My eyes lit up when I saw a box on my front porch the other day. My order from Vision Forum was in, and I knew what was inside that large brown box. Indoctrination.  I just recently heard about this documentary/film, and I've heard nothing but excellent reviews from friends. This film takes you through a very controversial issue in today's society: EDUCATION. Colin Gunn, a homeschool dad, travels with his family in a large yellow school bus to uncover the truths about public education in America. This film is such an encouragement to millions of Christians that public education should not be the answer.

Here's a little background on why I believe homeschooling is the only answer for Christians. I attended public school for 11 out of my 12 school years. My parents pulled my sister out to homeschool starting her 5th grade year (My Junior Year). I wanted to be homeschooled, but my parents didn't think it would be best because I would miss being in band. Finally, my senior year, my parents gave me a choice. They had prayed about it and after talking to some friends who were already homeschooling, they decided to let me choose. So, there you have it, I graduated with 3 friends from a homeschool co-op. And we all lived happily ever after, I came through public school without a scratch.................. or so I wish the story went.

Those 11 years in public school were not easy. I was sucked in to all of the drama, it happens so easily. My Spanish teacher in junior high wore mini skirts and hung inappropriate band posters all around her room. My English teacher in junior high would hang poems, that students had written, all over the wall even though they had bad language. In high school, my English teacher sent home a book that we were supposed to be reading. I refused to read it for all of the HORRENDOUS language. When my mother went to speak to her, she(the teacher) told her that you have to read bad language to read good literature!!!In my science class, the substitute teacher was sharing dip with some male students.
These are just a few ways I was being indoctrinated by the public school system.
 1 Corinthians 15:33 says "Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners." The public school systems will teach whatever they want to, because they can.
Please parents, do not send your child into a place that it is against the rule to even utter God's name. Take it from someone who's been there. I DID NOT come away from those 11 years without scars. Dr. Charles Stanley says in the film that "When you send your kids to school today, you're sending them into a pagan society."  It's so very true.  Luce Mucleod states that "[parents] think their children will somehow escape, they won't."  The film states that 88% christian children deny their faith by graduation day. 
This should scare Christian families sending their children into the public school system. God sent these children to the parents, not to the school system, to raise.  They say we can't mention Jesus Christ's name, for fear we might offend someone. I'm not sure about anyone else, but the inappropriate language and actions offends me. Unfortunately that doesn't matter.
I recommend this film to everyone.   Maybe this film will help you to see the other side of the public schools.


  1. YES, IndoctriNation was an incredible film! We just loved it!

    I like your blog! I look forward to seeing what you post in the future. ( =

    In Christ,

    P.S. Since you liked IndoctriNation, I think you'd really love Captivated, a new film directed by Colin Gunn and some dear friends of ours. It is about media discernment in the light of following Christ. It is an amazing film!

  2. Emily, I'll definately have to watch that film. I hadn't heard of it. Thanks for the suggestion. :) I always love to hear of new films that are of conservative beliefs

  3. Thank you for posting this. I think your testimony is powerful. I love that film as well! Your blog is a blessing.
    ~Miss aMandalin~


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