Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Simple Fix

So this is one of my newest consignment shop finds. YAY. I must say I am addicted to shopping at resale shops. I'm all about the bargains. Anyway, back to my point. I recently purchased this adorable skirt, but there was only one problem, it was too big by a couple of inches. :(


I knew that I wanted to keep the zipper that was in it, so my next question was: How can I do this without having to put darts in the lined skirt without ruining it? So, I decided to just put a small strip of 1/2" elastic along the inside of the skirt.
Yes, you can see it, but not when I'm wearing it.

The end result, one of my favorite outfits. (And you can't tell the difference :D )
So what kinds of techniques do you like to use to make minor adjustments to clothes that don't fit like you want them to?
Have a blessed week


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