Monday, October 1, 2012

Church Centennial & Fall Garden

Hello blogging friends. This post probably should have been 2 different posts, but I ended up just doing it as one.
First off, I decided to snap some shots of our fall garden. We have tomatillas (which are looking great, just not putting on yet), lima beans, squash, and jalapenos from this summer are still flourishing like crazy.
 Momma's lima beans
Our first squash just appeared

These are our squash plants that are going absolutely crazy. We only have two that survived. The one shown in the picture is actually planted a few feet away from where I snapped the picture (so you can't see where it's in the ground). It just keeps crawling. If you look really close, it continues up into the upper left of the picture. Crazy. :D
Ok, so now for the second half of my post. This year, our church celebrated it's Centennial. This weekend, we had a Centennial Celebration. Old pastors came, we had a get together out on church property, and fireworks!!
We were able to take along our friend's son Keegan. :D He liked Mallory pushing him in the swing
The Downing Family, a bluegrass/gospel group
Have a great week.

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