Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Pure Blanket

All year long, I anticipate snow. When it's 100degrees outside, all I can think about is the cold months ahead. When snow is falling, I stop what I'm doing and sit at my window, staring at the beautiful, fresh fallen snow. There are no words to describe how I feel when I see the world underneath that smooth, untouched, white blanket. Unfortunately, I live in the city, so the pureness of the snow does not last but a few hours. It soon turns into nasty, brown slush on the roadways. When it's falling, I feel like telling the world "STOP, just stop and watch the beauty around you. Look what's right in front of you." But none the less, the world keeps moving faster and faster. The snow comes, turns into nasty slush, and leaves as quickly as it arrived. Now, we have not had a very cold winter this year,we barely had any snow. :( However, as I was looking at these pictures from the bad blizzard we had last year, I couldn't but help thinking one thing. The world is what it is, but God has His arms wrapped around everyone of us, trying to sheild us from the dangers in this world. Even though we don't have snow 365days a year, he always has a "blanket" over us. The snow is just a great reminder of this. When the snow begins to turn to muddy slush from the cars, I feel myself crying inside. We can say the same thing about the world. God is the perfect fallen snow, but there are many poisoning things that can get us down and turn us into slush, if we're not careful. We must remember we always have Him to turn to, in every aspect of life.

-Focused on Him

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