Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Baking Ease

So just recently my sister and I threw a baby shower for a very dear friend. The theme was Beatrix Potter, so we made iced sugar cookies shaped as carrots and put them in a cup full of cookie crumbs (to look like dirt). They turned out adorable! Anyway, back to my point. It was fun making them and all, but we had to bake and ice 160 carrot cookies!! Not exactly something that can easily be done in one day. So, we ended up baking them and layered them in a box with wax paper in between and stuck them in the freezer (uniced). Then the day before the shower, we pulled them out to thaw and then promptly spent 3 hours icing them. But, the point is, being able to freeze the baked cookies made life so much easier!
This tip comes in handy even more so during this busy holiday season. Sometimes we make up our fruit bread and freeze it as well. That way you could have all of your baking done way ahead of time. Day of your celebration, just pull it all out to let it thaw and your ready to go. Your guests will think you've been slaving all morning before their arrival. This is such a time-saving tip that will make your life so much easier!!!

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