Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fort Rock Family Camp 2012

Wow have we had a fun past few days!! We went to a Raising Entrepreneurs camp at Fort Rock Family Camp in Combs, Arkansas. It was a blast. The camp lasted 3 nights and 4 days. While we were there, I turned 21-what a way to spend a birthday! We spent our time zip lining on the longest zip line in Arkansas, trail riding on horseback through the Ozarks, shooting bow and arrows, and shooting at the rifle range. I can't imagine a better way to have spent that special day. It was out in the mountains, so we had no phone service, which made it easy to just sit back and relax and smell the fresh mountain air. Here are a few pictures. I couldn't post them all, or it would take forever, but here are just a few highlights of our trip.

 Most of the time, I was turned around backwards while riding, trying to get a pic of us riding. I couldn't really get a picture of myself, so this is the closest I got haha

 This a photo of all of the families that attended

Trail Riding through the Ozarks

 Daddy zip lining

 They were nice enough to make me a birthday cake

Momma and Daddy

Trail Riding



  1. Love the pics!! I had to laugh at the horseback riding ones! Poor little Eleah was sitting behind me & you cant even see her!!! This was a great place! It was so nice meeting you & your family!!

  2. hey :D Thank you. It was great meeting you guys as well. Hope you guys had a great time


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